In 2004, Klezmer Juice recorded their first album, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”, which received critical acclaim worldwide. The contemporary groove of Klezmer Juice's music hypnotizes audiences of all ages and cultures. The album caught the ears of Arc Music, which has since added new tracks and artwork and re-released the album in the U.S. and Europe as Klezmer Juice. The new album offers fresh interpretations of traditional tunes such as “Sammy's Freilach”, “Zemer Atik”, and “Donna Donna”, among others. The original and soulful sound of Klezmer Juice captures the heart of a new generation of fans looking to connect with Jewish culture while still keeping a foot in the contemporary music scene.

Klezmer Juice


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"Action speak louder than words"

1. Ot Azoi
2. Papirosen (Cigarettes)
3. Freylach in D
4. Waltz Medley
5. Zemer Atik
(also known as Nigun Atik)

6. Donna Donna
7. Oyfn Pripetshok
(On the Hearth)

8. Araber Tanz
9. Slow Melody #8
10. Freylach #15
11. Eli Eli
12. Amud Ha'esh (Pillar of fire)

1. Ose Shalom
2. Beautiful As the Moon
3. Yoshke-yoshke
4. Librescu Tango
5. Russian Sher No. 2
6. Freylach No. 8
7. Erev Shel Shoshanim
8. Happy Nigun
9. Miserlu
10. Hava Nagila
11. Varemkayt
12. Ani Ole Y'erushalaim
13. Gedenk
14. Odessa Bulgarish
15. Yiddish Lidele
16. B'ashana Havaha
17. Gedenk No. 2



Reviewer: Aaron Paley / Yiddishkayt Los Angeles
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Klezmer Juice is the real thing - vibrant Yiddish soul combined with youth and musical style. Bringing together some of LA's finest musicians from all walks of life, Bulgach has managed to forge a new klezmer sound with one ear to tradition and the other locked on the now. Aaron Paley, Founder and Co-Chair

Gustavo captures the secret Gypsy soul of Klezmer!

Reviewer: MiguelATF

A wonderful album from a gifted musician. Gustavo brings expressiveness, energy and major improvisational chops to his interpretations of some classic Klezmer pieces - and in doing so, he goes back to the earliest roots of the Klezmorim - the travelling Jewish musicians who went across every country in Europe - and who often intermingled and played with their musical cousins the Gypsies. In the opening piece, Ot Azoi, Gustavo cleverly has his rhythm section give an underlying syncopated swing to the piece which is part traditional Cajun, part Calypso - and totally wonderful. Later, in Zemer Atik, he explores the middle eastern roots of Klezer music - and shows why, musically speaking, Jew, Arab and Gentile are really brothers. I could go on and on but at a certain point words lose their precision - and the important thing is: this music ROCKS. 21st Century Klezmer soul with some syncopated gypsy swing - what a combination. A fine addition to anyone's CD collection - whether you are a hardcore Klezmer Music maniac (like yours truly) - or merely someone who loves wonderful electic world music. Bravo, Gustavo!

A melodically rich klezmer set, centered
around the deft, playful clarinet work.
Reviewer: DJ Joe Sixpack /
A melodically rich klezmer set, centered around the deft, playful clarinet work of Gustavo Bulgach, an Argentinian now living in Los Angeles . This is a numble, youthful band, more fluid, perhaps, than some better-known, more traditional groups... They don't stray too far off the path, though, and this will sound familiar as well as fun. More of the same, but definitely worth checking out if you're into the style.
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