Klezmer Juice is the new generation of Jewish Soul musicians, torchbearers of an ancient traditional craft that unites generations in spirit based in Los Angeles, California. Fresh interpretations of traditional tunes, such as “Cigarettes", "Ot Azoi”, “Zemer Atik”, “Eli Eli”, “Donna Donna” among others, captures the heart of a new generation of fans. Being an international young mix of 30 years average age, the band adds the original and soulful sound of the traditional Klezmer Clarinet, that "laughing-Crying Yiddish soul".


Daniel Weinstein: Trombone, Brass, Strings and arrangemenst
Antonio de Santanna: Electric Bass
Nicole Falzone: drums
Ken Rosser: Guitar
Marcelo Caceres: Guitar
Michael Bolger: Acccordion
Daniel Dede Diaz: Bass
Marco Tulio: Guitar
Leo Costa: drums
Alejandro Franov: Accordion / keyboards
Diego Wainer: Bajo
Sergio Iriate: drums
German Meyra: Guitar
Pablo Motta: Upright Bass
Gabriel Bulgach: Flute
Alejandro Quil: Keyboard / Piano
Andrew Markham: Vintage keyboards
Andre de Santanna: Upright Bass
Ethan Phillips : Upright Bass
Hiroo Nakano : Drums
Dylan Gingi: Drums
David Ashkenazy: Drums
Brad Shepik: Guitar
Dave Hofstra: Upright Bass
Chritopher Hale: Bass
Ricie Barshay: Drums
Austin Peralta: Piano
Milles Shrewbery: Percussion
Oren Kashanian: Percussion


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